The Mission

CVM Plymouth is a united response from the churches of Plymouth – at its heart a team whose aim and goal is to see men connected to Jesus and the church connected to men.

This is not just another ministry, but an answer to the perception that church is only for weirdos, women or wimps, which of course isn’t true.  However it does seem that the church has become increasingly more irrelevant for the average man, with the weight of focus heavily invested in kids and women’s ministries!  An interesting statistic states that if a child were to come to faith there’d be a 3% chance the rest of the family would follow, a 17% chance for the mother, but what’s outstanding is that if the father comes to faith there’s a 93% chance that family would follow!  Where do we invest our efforts?!

We are focused on building relationships between the many churches of Plymouth and the surrounding areas, in an effort to enable a vast diversity of activities and events to be accessible to all men.

CVM Plymouth is a part of a nationwide movement of men, with over 500 men’s groups around the UK.  It was established 20 years ago and is now headed up by an awesome team led by Carl Beech – General Director of CVM.  Please see the link at the top of the page for more…